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Oscar and Emmy award winning wildlife filmmaker, Jim Frazier, discovered this unique art form 35 years ago. Since then he has developed it into a highly sophisticated series of techniques creating these extraordinary paintings.



Natural crystals are dissolved into a liquid solution which is then brushed onto a glass plate. As the solution dries out, the crystals start to grow and develop. It is during this growing stage that the ‘potential’ for producing an image is realized. With the use of sound tones, energy fields, fine brushes, wooden tools, jets of air and small gas flames, it is possible to alter the crystal’s regular growth patterns and direct them to yield an amazing array of different forms.

The crystals are not ‘micro’ in size and do not have to be looked at under the microscope. Jim’s techniques produce large crystal formations which can be manipulated to form a variety of out-of-this-world images. They may be bizarre, beautiful, intriguing – or all three at once. Alien landscapes, strange animals with appealing eyes and a great variety of peculiar plant like structures.  Jim says - “It is a matter of working creatively… but hand in hand with nature… to give the end result which is limited only by the imagination.” With all the permutations of the various techniques involved in generating each image, it is impossible to create the same crystal painting twice.



The next part of the process is the colouration and photographic process. At this stage the finished crystal paintings are silver/white in colour. Now, by adding several back lights with an unlimited choice of interchangeable colour filters, any colour or colour combination can be selected before finally triggering the shutter to capture these unique art images for all time.

Jim Frazier at work with his Crystal Art
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